About Us

The Welsh Cell Therapy Clinic was founded by Mr Amit Chandratreya to explore and research the potential of using regenerative medicine to achieve better surgical results than their standard methods of surgery.

The foundation of the clinic was driven by the need of potential patients coming to the surgeons asking or seeking treatments using stem cell and regenerative therapy.  Mr Amit Chandratreya wanted to make sure that any procedures that were provided were first of all safe to the patient and were evidence based, with substantiated clinical material.

After extensive research and analysis ,which factored in patient safety, cost of surgery and current regulations, the clinic was able to devise a new gold standard treatment for their patients, which forms the basis of the Welsh Cell Therapy Clinic’s procedures.

The team of surgeons are extremely excited to be able to bring this technology to all their existing and new patients and will be keeping comprehensive data on the progress of each patients development.

The team understand that this is an area that is continuously evolving and they hope to bring more innovative medical technology to patients, who most require this care.